About The Conference


The Infrastructure  Investment Conference will bring together Policy makers, practitioners and researchers to identify solutions for leapfrogging infrastructure availability for supporting rapid economic growth, reducing poverty and inequality in Zimbabwe, and inspiring action towards sluggish change. The Conference offers a platform for bridging divides across sectors, disciplines and policy, practice and research.

Participants and delegates of this Infrastructure investment conference will investigate a range of critical Infrastructure investment issues and address policy and programming issues. The event will review good practices that emerged during the ZIMASSET implementation, assess areas where business remains unfinished and identify strategies, including the opportunities offered by innovative financing partnerships for better connectivity and regional integration initiatives. Particular attention will be given to institutional mechanisms and regulatory regimes that can most effectively promote an augmentation of existing infrastructure capacity through enhanced efficiencies



To identify, debate and advocate for  increase in infrastructure in Zimbabwe.

To discuss and address policy and programming challenges.

To build links and networks between engineers, contractors, other built-environment professionals, policy makers and investors.

To stimulate learning skills to action research.

To Improve economic growth and create employment.

To develop quality infrastructure, e.g. access to renewable energy.

To discuss urban resilience and urban development, capacity assessment and deployment.